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Lilly Esthetics

In our SPA Lilly Esthetics, we have therapists and professional experts in relaxation, wellness, and beauty treatments.  Logically we offer therapeutic and relaxation massages, the most popular treatment, to condition the body after a day full of activity and adrenaline. Or why not get rid of that stress you arrived with a good relaxation massage or body treatment?

We have a signature menu of services, which we are constantly increasing to make it easier for you to combine your experiences of outdoor activities, excursions, beach with the possibility of relaxing when you return to the hotel.

Spa, bienestar y masajes en Hotel Costa Pacífica


We highlight the following relaxation and aesthetic services:

  • Massage therapy, different techniques.
  • Facial treatments, chocolate face masks
  • Collagen mask for deep cleansing and hydration
  • Deep cleansing for pimple removal
  • Intensive facial treatment with microdermabrasion
  • Phototherapy, mask, and chocolate wrapping
  • Intensive radiofrequency rejuvenation
  • Facelift, cleansing with radiofrequency and ultrasound.
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Hand and foot smoothing
  • Radiofrequency and voltaic wave skin tightening.
  • Radiofrequency lipo wrap
  • Facial treatments
  • Size reduction with laser lipo
  • Sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls
  • Access bars for channel cleansing and energetic implants




At Hotel Costa Pacifica we care about the conservation of nature and the environment, therefore we are committed to sustainability and apply valuable hotel practices for the protection and conservation of the environment.  We have implemented recycling, conservation and energy and water saving, as well as the use of energy through solar panels.

Our goal is to apply to be evaluated by the tourism authorities and obtain the CST Tourism Sustainability Certificate.

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